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1 BetAmerica 1997 100% Sign up bonus Review
2 Bovada 1995 10% bonus Review

Greyhound racing is one of leading spectator attracting sports in the USA, UK, Ireland and Australia.
Betting has always been the main attraction in greyhound racing and it seems that it might be the only sport in which the majority of visitors are bettors.

Although greyhound racing betting is based more on knowledge and experience than on mere luck, most bettors still lose money on greyhound racing.

In order to do well in greyhound racing betting you need to learn more about greyhound racing as a sport as well as understand the basics of betting.

Our aim is to help you make the most of greyhound racing both in terms of understanding and enjoying the sport as well as being a better bettor.

The accessible betting on the internet has opened endless opportunities for you to bet on greyhound racing on the web.
Greyhound betting online is simple and straight forward. You can access your account to place a bet all day long, 365 days a year, anywhere in the planet where you can have internet connection.

Our advice is based on experience in greyhound racing and greyhound racing betting online and offline. We encourage you to read through this website and to learn more about this wonderful sport and remember that this is just a game.


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