Young greyhounds
Racing Career

The training begins at the very early days when the yound dogs are provided with rags and encouraged to play games that develop the abilities that will turn them to future champions.

The chasing comes natural to the dogs as they are natural chasers (dogs hunt by sight). The dogs are therefore eager students learning the abilities that will turn them to future champions.
The art of making the young dogs run straight differs from trainer to trainer but it usually involves setting the young dogs on their way chasing rags or similar toys dangling close to their noses and moved forwards in front of them. The young dogs treat this training as a game and enjoy it, the trainers view it as a way to improve future skills.

Later when chasing skills evolve, the greyhounds begin to chase dummy lures before eventually taken to a training track or licensed racetrack to have their first hand slip which means that the dog is released behind a moving lure to get it into the routine of track racing.

After chasing abilities have evolved it is time to move to schooling from the traps. Usually, the student dogs are simply allowed to walk through the starting traps open from both sides, before being allowed to chase a lure in the same manner.

The school continues up to the point when the greyhound is confident in the starting boxes and is able to leave the traps in a competent fashion and pursuit of the lure.

If training goes well, the young greyhound is ready to move to the next stage at the minimum age of 15 months. Some will not continue onto the track until much later, others will start their schooling at a later stage if their handlers feel they need more time to grow.

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