Greyhound Racing in the UK

  • Attendances reaching four million spectators a year
  • Estimated £2.9 billion wagered on and off course
  • £11 million in prize money

After Football, Greyhound Racing is the second most popular spectator sport in the UK. Races are raced all over the country, Monday to Saturday and sometimes even on Sunday. Punters can place bets on track with the bookmakers or the totalisators.

Types Of Races

Distances And Time Of Races, a British greyhound racing board
The Board is the representative body for greyhound racing in the United Kingdom.
Directors of the Board include greyhound owners, breeders, trainers, track owners and the Senior Steward of the NGRC.
A regulatory authority for the greyhound racing sport in Britain and is responsible for greyhound registration, for the security and welfare of greyhounds and for the Rules of Racing and their enforcement

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